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Katie Knight

Katie started her teaching career in the UK, developing her skills in Early Childhood Education along with an interest in technology as a tool to enhance learning.

After five years, she joined Voluntary Service Overseas and moved to Malawi, Africa, to work as a lecturer at a Teacher Training College. This is where Katie's love for teaching pedagogy began. She also developed a taste for adventure and after 2 years working in a remote village, remained in Malawi to teach at Bishop Mackenzie International School. 

It was here that Katie started her journey with the International Baccalaureate, as she took on the role of Maths coordinator as the school embarked on the IB accreditation process. 

Six years later, Katie started teaching in the Early Childhood Centre at the Western Academy of Beijing. She developed her understanding of inquiry and Reggio Emilia Approach for 5 years, after which she became the elementary school Learning Collaborator. This role enabled Katie to work collaboratively over 70 teachers to innovate and start to reimagine education. 

Katie is a member of the International Baccalaureate Educator Network and has facilitated workshop on inquiry, concepts, creativity, collaboration and evidencing learning, in Australia, China, Denmark, Mauritius, and the Netherlands (amongst others).

Katie now lives in Cornwall, UK, where she works part-time as a specialist inquiry teacher in two mainstream schools. She is working on an innovative education project and offers personalised consultation for International Schools.

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