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Katie is passionate about embarking on learning journeys with educators, to reimagine education and make a difference for children, parents and teachers.

An experienced global educator, with over 20 years teaching experience in the UK, Malawi and China, Katie is an Early Years specialist, inspired by the work of the pre-schools in Reggio Emilia. 


Online Consultancy

Online consultation allows extended time to have deep conversations, explore complex topics and start to implement new ideas with support and ongoing feedback. Perfect for year-long learning projects.

In-School Consultancy

Collaborating with teachers in classrooms, and getting first hand experience allows the support and learning to be personalised in the moment.


Personalised workshops for small groups or whole faculty. From one day to three days.

Middle Aged Woman

"Katie was very knowledgeable and responsive to questions. She also created a positive atmosphere that encouraged learning and great conversation. Finally, she facilitated in a way that allowed participants to express themselves, have agency and work at their own pace without feeling rushed."

Elementary Teacher, Copenhagen

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